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 WQX.WQXD series pump consists of pump
Description Main Specification  
Production Introduction:
WQX.WQXD series pump consists of pump, mechanical seal and motor. Pump is at the bottom part of pump, which is adopted centrifugal impeller. Motor which is monophase or triphase is at the upper part of pump and seal is used where pump and motor combine, which is a kind of double-face mechanical seal,"0"rings are applied to all static joints. This series pump has many merits, which are well-set,high head, high efficiency, easy-handled etc. The pump’s key part seals are completely adopted with high-quality metal alloy and carborundum as material.

This series pump is widely used for sewage treatment of city construction discharge forarchitecture projects, hotel, mine, pond, dyeing and printing, paper making and textile industries. It is the ideal tool for transportation of sludge, slurry, living sewage, feces and stale wastes, solid grains fiber, paper chips, and sandy soil etc..

Work Conditions:
The pump can work properly and continuously under following op?erational conditions:
1.Medium is not corrosive. Sand contents should be max.2.5% by volume and granular size should be max.1.8mm.
2.Medium temperature shouldn’t be over 40"C and PH should be 4-10. The pumps should be operated within rated head.
3.The pumps should be fully submerged into water with depth of less than 3m and max. The pump should bemin.0.5m over the water bottom and not be inserted into sludge.
4.Power frequency should be 50Hz,single phase voltage 220V,three-phase voltage 380V,and voltage fluctuation should be 0.9-1.1 times than the rated.

Model instruction:

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