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 V(WQ) Submersible sewage pumps
Description Main Specification  
Function and Feature:

This adcanced V(WQ)series,a branch of single-phase drainge pumps, will be your ideal drainage helper. The letter’V’which substitutes for the letters "WQ"indicates the distinct design of the filter and the broadness of the high efficient area. It can work safely and efficiently at high flux with the feature of Complete heads. The design is designed to a wide tunnel which helps to convey the long fiber liquid of the solid whose diameter Is about 15-35mm. The selection of bottom suction strcture, stainless steel and special and castiron make the pump has the capabilities of complete drain and high resistance of abrasion and corrosion. The float switch can automatically control on and off with the change of the liquor lever. The protector in the motor can automatically cut off the power when it overheated or overcurrented. Thus guarantee the security and

Work Conditions:
1.The maximum deep it is allowed in water is 5m from its center of impeller;
2.The trans mediums temperature shouldn t higher than 40℃
3.The trans medium’s FH scope is from 4~10
4-Thc kinematics viscosity of the trans medium is from7x10~7x10~5.The maximum density of the tr^ns medium is 1.2x10³kg/m³

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