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 PDL automatic self-priming pump
Description Main Specification  
Production Introduction:
PDL automatic self-priming pump is divided into single phase and three-phase asynchronous types with built-in protection device. The pump is divided into centrifugal impeller and worm casing structures with self-priming function. Single-face mechanic sealing is mounted between pump and motor."0H shaped oil-proof rubber sealing ring is used at each stationary port as static sealing.
Anvanced pressure control system can effectively controls the medium inside pressure of the pipe, and wilt work and stop according to the changed pressure.

Application and Work Conditions:
This pump applies to high-level water supply, Grarden fountain, hotels, bathrooms, mechanical cooling etc. Medium temperature should not be over 80’C and PH shoud be 6.5-8.5. Solid impurities content should be maxO.1 % by volume and granular size should be max 0.2mm

Model instruction:

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