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 ZB Self-Priming Centrifugal Pump
Description Main Specification  
Production Introduction:

ZB series self-priming pump whose function signs up to standard JB/T666-93 are adopted with dual or mechanical or skeleton seals. The pump is compact in construction, fine in performance, convenient in maintain and saving about 50% water compared to furrow irrigation.

This series pump is extensively used for electrical irrigation, forest water spraying, water pumping from well, water tower delivery and urban construction water supply and discharging for farms, villages, industrial and mining enterprise.

Work Conditions:
The pump can work properly and continuously under following operational conditions:
1 .Medium is not corrosive. Sand contents should be max.0.10% by volume and granular size should be max.0.20mm.
2.Medium temperature shouldn’t be over 40"C and PH should be6.5-8.5.
3.Power frequency should be 50Hz,single phase voltage 220v,three- phase voltage 380V,and voltage fluctuation should be0.9-1.1 times than the rated.
4.Filling full water into pumps before using in order to eject air,otherwise the pump is hard to work.

Model instruction:

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