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 JY(P)WQ Auto-stirring Sewage Submersible Pump
Description Main Specification  
Production Introduction:

JY(P)WQ auto- stirring sewage submersible pump (hereinafter as pump) is made up of motor, mechanical seal, pump and stirring structure, etc. pump coaxial integrated design, is manufactured based on absorbing domestic and foreign advanced technology andadvantages.Because of its auto-stirring function, the sewage discharge can be pumpe d smoothly. At the bottom of the pump chassis, there is a suction water device, which will runwithhighspeedwith themotortoleadthe wateroutofthe pump, atthesame time, it washes the pond bottom with the speed 10-20m/s.

This kind of pumps can be used as follows: factories and commercial pollution, city sewage treatment, hospitals, hotels, drainage systems, water supply installations, municipal engineering, construction sites, exploration, mining, country biogas, agricultural irrigation, domestic waste water, sewage water, feces and urine, short fiber paper and sand

Work Conditions:
The pump can work properly and continously under following opera¬tional conditions:
1.Medium is not corrosive.Sand contents should be max.20% by volume.
2.Medium temperature shouldn’t be over 40"C and PH should be 4-10.
3.The pumps should be operated within rated head.
4.The pumps should be fully submerged into water with depth of less than 3m and max. The pump should be min.0.5m over the water bottom and not be inserted into sludge.
5.Power frequency should be 50Hz.three-phase voltage 380V,and voltage fluctuation should be 0.9-1.1 times than the rated.

Model instruction:

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